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For a Healthier Planet

Our History

Hi, we're Naomi and Mona. We share a love for ecologically sustainable cosmetics, traveling and wildlife. We have traveled together all over the world.
 It was on one such trip, to an elephant sanctuary in India, that our vision for the Royal Elephant Hair Company was born.

We went to the sanctuary because we wanted to support the wellbeing of Indian elephants. Upon arrival however, we found to our great sadness that it was just another vehicle for animal exploitation. Elephants are regal, divine animals. They deserve to be treated not as servants, but like royalty. Thus, The Royal Elephant Hair Co. was crafted, created to weave together our mutual passions in an environmentally sustainable way. It's been a challenge to achieve this alchemy of passion and purpose, as we refuse to compromise on the quality of our product in pursuit of our vision for the world.

And so, after a lot of soul searching, deep research, and hard work, we present to you The Royal Elephant Hair Co. line of luxury hair products.
 At the core of The Royal Elephant Hair Co. there is a promise: a promise to unite our passion with our purpose. That is why a generous share of all The Royal Elephant Hair Co. products sold goes to fostering elephants, and preserving animal wildlife throughout the world.

Every bottle of The Royal Elephant Hair Co. products on the shelves represents the realization of this promise to wildlife and to the Earth. Every product sold is a living manifestation of that promise being kept.
 So, from our hearts to yours, thank you for supporting ecologically sustainable hair care. Thank you for supporting elephants. And thank you for trusting The Royal Elephant Hair Company to treat you and your hair like royalty.  

Committed to Quality

Our ingredients are sourced with every hair type in mind. Ranging from the most popular looks, incorporating a variety of the deepest cleansers and latest mask treatments,  Enjoy softer, more lustrous hair.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be completely satisfied with your shopping experience from order to delivery. We strive to make your hair happy and healthy. If you have questions about our products, delivery, or shipping, get in touch, we would love to hear from you!